The Big Bore Experience. The RTS Difference.

Rebuilding Power Heads for Enterprise Engines and More.

RTS performs overhauls for a variety of large engines such as:

  • Enterprise (DeLaval)
  • Dresser Rand – Clark©
  • Dresser Rand – Ingersoll Rand©
  • Dresser Rand – Worthington©
  • GE – AJAX©
  • GE – Cooper Bessemer©
  • GE – Superior©
  • GE – Waukesha©

The Enterprise Engines still used today are a sweet spot for RTS.

Known for their durability in generating energy and driving compressors, these engines still need a good check up every now and then—and rebuilding the power heads correctly is crucial to their performance

RTS is uniquely suited to handle Enterprise Engine head overhaul. With decades of experience in the field, we have a tried-and-true process to bring performance back to a big bore engine. We call it the Big Bore Experience…

Repair | Replace | Rebuild


Power Side


  • Inspect and clean oil cooler
  • Inspect and clean turbo after coolers
  • Inspect cam shaft and associated chains, sprockets, valve train and oil pump
  • Coupling
  • Inspect master rods, clip and bore
  • Inspect oil cooler alignment
  • Inspect oil cooler wire alignment
  • Inspect optical
  • Polish crankshaft
  • Power cylinder inspection and recondition
  • Re-grout unit


  • Inspect, determine condition and replace as necessary every piston and liner
  • Inspect power rods
  • Install all new bearing temperature detectors
  • Install new exhaust blankets
  • New bushing replacements
  • New piston ring replacements
  • Main and rod bearings replacements
  • Rebuild hydraulic cooling tower motor and pump
  • Replace expansion joints, gaskets and seals
  • Replace oil filters and strainers
  • Wrist pin polished or replaced as necessary


  • All heads will be fully inspected to determine if rebuilds are required
  • Rebuild water and oil pumps and turbochargers
  • Rebuild rocker arms, new bushings and pins

Compressor Side


  • Clip and bore of compressor master rods
  • Compressor valve repairs
  • Pressure packing and wiper packing repairs; packing and gaskets provided
  • Quote honing or boring all compressors


  • Inspect compressor master rod, bearings, bushing and wrist pin
  • Install new suction and discharge flange bolts at compressor flange with new gaskets
  • Quote replacement of compressor rods due to wear
  • Replace bushings
  • Replace compressor rod bearings


  • Inspect crosshead and rebuild as necessary

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