It’s the Smart thing to do…We Design, Manufacture, Install and Service Recip Control Panels

No matter if it is a GE-Cooper Bessemer© 8W-330 with 4,000 HP or, a 12,000 HP Dresser-Rand-Clark© TCVC-20, you have to control all of that power while managing emissions, pressures, temps, vibration, fuel consumption, combustion timing and a million other parameters.

RTS understands power and compressor operations with decades of experience providing us a distinct advantage in assisting you in either upgrading your control systems or building one from the ground up. We offer a wide assortment of solutions including:

PLC Control

Pump Controls

Digital/Analog Controls

Motor Drive Cabinets

Motor Controls

Control Rooms/Buildings

VFD Controls

Operator Stations

Auto-Balance Controls


Control technologies for reciprocating engines:

  • Parametric controls and monitoring
  • Combustion modifications such as clean-burn cylinder head designs and prestratified charge combustion for rich-burn engines
  • Post-combustion catalytic controls installed on the engine exhaust system. Post-combustion catalytic technologies include selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for lean-burn engines, nonselective catalytic reduction (NSCR) for rich-burn engines, and CO oxidation catalysts for lean-burn engines.


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