What We Do

Innovative Solutions for the Gas Compression and Power Generation Industries

We believe in working hard, being an advocate for clients and listening carefully.
What we often hear is a need for a solution that gives us the opportunity to innovate.

At RTS, we understand that every customer wants a product or service that solves their problem, is worth their money, and delivered with remarkable customer service.

We work on big, slow-speed engines and compressors with a heritage, including:

We keep engines running with repairs and overhauls, new & refurbished parts, upgrades, training, troubleshooting, performance enhancements and mechanical analysis.

The Big Bore Experience is the RTS Difference. These big engines we are known for their durability and reliability, but they still need some regular maintenance. Ask us about our tried and true process to bring performance back to a Big Bore engine.

RTS has several crews in the field at our customers' facilities yearround. Our technicians are problem solvers, prepared and trained to demonstrate troubleshooting skills while safely operating and maintaining mechanical drive engines, controls, generators and ancillary equipment."

You can’t fix a problem until you understand what caused the problem. This is where RTS’ experience becomes paramount. Our extensive troubleshooting capabilities include equipment operational assessment, diagnostic analysis, combustion tuning and failure analysis.

We believe the true measure of a maintenance team is the performance of the engine they are responsible for. To understand the engine’s health, we conduct performance and mechanical analysis, including engine and compressor measurement and diagnostics.

At RTS knows recips and has worked hard to build an excellent reputation throughout the industries we serve. We pride ourselves on our abilities to innovate, our safety record and integrity, and our reciprocating engine and compressor expertise. Contact us and let that expertise work for you.

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