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Reciprocating Technology Services Brochure

Reciprocating Technology Services is part of the TTS Energy Services family of companies. Based in Orlando, Florida, with facilities in Houston, Texas, and channel partners all over the globe, our team of 40+ engineering professionals has traveled millions of miles serving more than 400 clients in over 90 countries.


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This is an excellent demonstration of our depth of capabilities, skills in project management and mechanical experience. that not many of our competitors can claim.

Which further underscores our brand… We know recips.


EcoStart™ Hydraulic Starter for Engines

EcoStart combines reliability, safety and advanced features to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulatory mandates and improve on gas, compressed air and electric starting systems for gas compression engines ranging from 300 to 11,000 HP.


New & Refurbished Parts

Finding parts can be challenging. As such, we do not list or publish a pricelist or inventory because they are constantly changing. However, with our decades of experience, our team has the resources and connections to find the new or refurbished part you need.


Performance & Mechanical Analysis

Catastrophic failure, downtime, fuel waste, fugitive gas leaks, increased operational costs, repairs, overhauls, etc. — these are just a few of the issues we would all like to avoid in the operation of a large bore engine or integral compressor. This where experience matters; there are a lot of companies that can repair an engine or compressor after it has failed, troubleshooting and conducting analysis to prevent that from happening is where RTS excels.


Upgrades & Modifications

Engine upgrades reduce engine emissions, increase horsepower and improve efficiencies and reliability. RTS has decades of experience upgrading and modifying large-bore engines.


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Reciprocating Technology Services - Overhauling Cooper Bessemer Engine


Driven by rotating equipment.

Hydraulic Starters

Voith and RTS partner to reintroduce hydraulic starters to the Oil & Gas industry.


Performance and Quality Document Case Study

When you talk with project managers, sometimes you get the feeling that they think putting the time into preparing the project’s summary report is a waste – not true. For clients it is many things but certainly not a waste of time. The primary function of the Final Summary Report is as a reference tool.

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