It’s the Smart thing to do…We Design, Manufacture, Install and Service Recip Control Panels

It’s the Smart thing to do… We Design, Manufacture, Install and Service Recip Control Panels

No matter if it is a GE-Cooper Bessemer© 8W-330 with 4,000 HP or, a 12,000 HP Dresser-Rand-Clark© TCVC-20, you have to control all of that power while managing emissions, pressures, temps, vibration, fuel consumption, combustion timing and a million other parameters.

RTS understands power and compressor operations with decades of experience providing us a distinct advantage in assisting you in either upgrading your control systems or building one from the ground up. We offer a wide assortment of solutions including:

PLC Control

Pump Controls

Digital/Analog Controls

Motor Drive Cabinets

Motor Controls

Control Rooms/Buildings

VFD Controls

Operator Stations

Auto-Balance Controls


Control technologies for reciprocating engines:

  • Parametric controls and monitoring
  • Combustion modifications such as clean-burn cylinder head designs and prestratified charge combustion for rich-burn engines
  • Post-combustion catalytic controls installed on the engine exhaust system. Post-combustion catalytic technologies include selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for lean-burn engines, nonselective catalytic reduction (NSCR) for rich-burn engines, and CO oxidation catalysts for lean-burn engines.


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